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Alarmed by your weight? Meet Dr. Abby Aronowitz. Her vision of healthy living has no pills, deprivation or surgery.

Obesity Crisis? Dr. Abby Says We're Actually Living Longer

Celebrity Eating Disorders: How Media Feeding Frenzy Affects Us

New Research Shows Some Excess Weight May Be Healthier

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Where Science Meets Sin.
A Daring New Approach To Weight Control.


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Dr. Abby on the CW11 Morning News:

For the yummy snack foods that won't wreck your diet or your desire to lose weight, read on. In a perfect world -- well, Abby's perfect world -- we would lose the junk food made from junk, find healthier alternatives, and blur the line between full meals and between-meal snacks. To help drag you into this world, Abby hand chose only the best-tasting healthy foods she could find. And yes, she taste-tested each and every one...

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Do Most Men Want Thin Women?

Dear Dr. Abby:

Do you think most guys like really thin women? I often hear them making fun of overweight women and see them drooling over actresses. What kind of a chance do mere mortals like myself have?
-- Puffball in Peoria

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SelfGrowth.com: Weight Control Expert Finds Major Flaws in Hot New Celebrity Diet; Warning - Watch Out!

SelfGrowth.com: Diet Mania In Overweight America

AOL Health: Avoid Holiday Overeating

Miami Herald Quotes for article on South Beach Diet Article ran November 4, 2003.

Article (source: Knight Ridder) has appeared on several websites and in several newspapers throughout the country.

December 8, 2003: Good carb, bad carb? What's a dieter to do? By Howard Cohen

Dr. Abby Aronowitz, a New York-based consultant to Weight Watchers, assails the diet`s yo-yo effect. "After surviving two weeks of deprivation, the South Beach Diet basically advocates healthy eating: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, poultry, fish and olive oil. "However, Dr. Agatston seems to be aware that people can only eat this way for a limited time, so his solution is to return to the deprivation period whenever a tune-up becomes necessary. This mentality of being on and off diets has failed people for quite some time. We need a plan for life, which is physically satisfying and psychologically fulfilling," she e-mailed.

Agatston notes..."I`m not a magician to say people will go on a diet and not revert back and gain pounds in different situations," he says.

Glamour, Feb., 2004: Interviewed for an article about detox diets.

Self Magazine newsletter: "Cooking is good for your health." Story ran November 26, 2003

About Health: Interview/Quotes for article on Body Image

Woman's World. Jan., 2004: Quoted in an article on myths about chocolate

First for Women: Interview conducted on body image

Romantic Times Newsletter: Nov. 27, 2003. Extensive review of Your Final Diet.

Round up: Submitted lead to round up of experts to discuss the FDA Campaign to Fight Obesity controversy. Lead was distributed to over 3700 reporters and 2000 news organizations early November 2003

Good Housekeeping: Interview to be printed imminently.

Beauty and Style: Fashion and Style: Reel to Real: Being a Bikini?

Today's Charlotte Woman: Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery

Pregnancy Today - Counting Carbs: Is It Safe To Do During Pregnancy??

Self Growth, Feature Article: Diet Mania in Overweight America

Fair Lawn News: Interview and Book Review

Family Energy Magazine: Interview for feature article on eating disorders in children.

Dr. Abby - Radio

Dec. 11, 2003 Radio Interview with "The Matt and Ramona Show - WLNK/107.9
Dec. 30, 2003 Radio Interview with "Health Talk" - 1170 KCBQ - AM in SanDiego
Jan. 2, 2004. Radio Interview with The Natural Nurse - Stonybrook University
Jan 5, 2004. Radio Interview with Hilly Rose - San Francisco
Jan 15, 2004 WVKZ radio interview - Schenectady, NY

Feb. 3, 2004 Radio Interview - KMSD in South Dakota
Feb. 11, 2004 Radio Interview - "Pasquier in the Morning" - KION Radio in Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz, CA.
December 7, Review of Your Final Diet from the Paragould Daily Press in Paragould - Arkansas Sunday

Dr. Abby - Television Interviews &
Speaking Engagements

WLIW - Public Television, NY, NJ and CT. Feb. 8.
Note from producer, Annie Pasqua: ..."Thanks again for coming on the show! You were very natural on camera and it was a pleasure to have you! ... You know what you're talking about and you have a warm, welcoming presence and THAT is what an audience gravitates towards..."

CN8 - Public Television for NY, NJ, PA - Interview

Mensa National Convention, July, 2005 - Lecture: Your Final Diet: Chocolate, Sex, Science and Psychology. Guest speaker at NY, NJ and NH regional conventions.

National Organization of Women (NOW) - July 2004 - Women, Weight and Body Image.

Miscellaneous: National Association of Women Business Owners, Long Island Region

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