Speaking Engagements

Dr. Abby is pleased to offer fun-filled, information-packed presentations, addressing audiences as diverse as schools, colleges, businesses, and organizations.  Using wit, wisdom, & audience participation, Dr. Abby entertains, enlightens, and empowers people to become their personal best.  Engagements can range from less than an hour to a two day seminar.

Fee Schedule:

• One Hour Presentation -$2,500
• Two Hour Presentation -$3,000
• Panel Discussion-$2,000
• Keynote-$5,000
• Six-Hour Presentation -$10,000
• All Day Event (8-9 hours)-$15,000
• Two Day Event-$20,000

Detailed information and activities can be furnished upon request. Email us at: AskDrAbby@aol.com

Please Note: Fees for public schools are considerably less, and negotiated independently of this schedule.  Presentations can be offered during health classes throughout the day (for more personal interaction), in large group assemblies, or at PTA meetings.  I am committed to helping children and teens make peace with food and body image issues, while living a healthy lifestyle. 

Corporate Presentations

Fostering Well Adjusted, Productive Employees:

I. Finding Your Ideal Weight... Without Dieting!
Imagine helping employees to make peace with food and body image while increasing the “bottom line.” Employer costs for unfit employees: Greater absenteeism, increased health care, distracted workers, diminished confidence, ineffective performance and discrimination against qualified obese candidates. Myths Vs. Realities:  NIH: 86,000 fewer deaths for overweight compared to “normal” weight.  Increased deaths and costly medical conditions found with the thinnest as well as heaviest. Points of Discussion: Manage fats, carbs and emotional eating. Reduce overeating, under-eating and yo-yo dieting. Artificial sweeteners sabotage dieters.  Incorporate gender-based cravings.  Learn about “obesity crisis” media spin, and “health at every size.”  Enjoy “healthy junk foods.” (Samples Possible)

Here is a sample of Dr. Abby in front of a
business audience, talking about finding your
ideal weight and “healthy junk food.”

II.  Effective Coping Strategies For Living A Happy, Productive Life.
Well-adjusted, productive employees benefit the company’s bottom line by being focused, assertive, and sharp.  Learn useful strategies for managing stress, finding happiness, and avoiding depression, fear and anxiety. Become more “well adjusted!” by using behavioral tools, cognitive strategies and other tricks of the trade.  For instance, anger management creates a better work environment, by improving communication and directing energy towards productive problem solving and team-building. “Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy” manages life’s predicaments with ease & sanity.

III.  Decision Making, Assertiveness Training: Two Tools For Achieving Success.
Effective decision-making and appropriate assertiveness insure better relationships with clients and business associates.  Easy formulas are offered for resolving all types of dilemmas.

IV.  Communication Skills Training: Tips For Sustaining Healthy Relationships.
Learn the “Do’s and Don’ts” of communication.  This list spells out what to say and what not to say, in order to receive optimal responses from co-workers, employees, bosses, customers, spouses or children.   A specific problem-solving strategy will also be discussed, which can be generalized to all types of personal and professional situations.  This is the prescription for healthy relationships.  Make all of your encounters more productive!

V.  Parenting Strategies:  Raising Well-Adjusted Kids Without Having A Breakdown.
Being an effective parent means coming to work ready to work, and not obsessing about struggles at home.  It is often said that children do not come with a manual, but here it is!  These practical parenting tips are applicable for every age child.  Strategies are presented as formulas, so that different age-related problems can be plugged in and solutions pop out!  Help is on the way!


Some audience participation is encouraged, to provide examples and create an interesting discussion.

“Healthy Junk Food” - Finding Your
Ideal Weight Without Dieting!
What is healthy junk food?  This seemingly oxymoronic concept can be an incredibly useful tool for allowing you to “have your cake and eat it too!”  Learn which brands of chips, cookies and other treats are actually healthy as well as delicious, and how to read labels.  Learn to manage food, cope effectively, and make peace with your body, even if it’s “imperfect.” Samples provided.

A Magical Recipe For Romantic,
Healthy Relationships.
What is a dysfunctional relationship, and how can you avoid it?  Here’s a prescription for joy, including practical tools to support and enhance any relationship.

Effective Coping Strategies For Living
A Happy Life.
Learn useful strategies for managing stress and finding happiness, while avoiding depression, fear and anxiety. Using behavioral tools, cognitive strategies and other tricks of the trade, you too can become “well adjusted!”

Decision Making And Assertiveness Training: 
Two Tools For Ensuring Success.
These two tools are particularly useful for navigating your world.  Being able to move forward with grace and dignity creates self-respect and garners respect from others.

Managing Your Parents:  Tips For Getting Along.
Learn how to pacify your parents, avoid conflicts, resolve disputes, and genuinely enjoy their company.  Here are some tips to improve communication, as your relationship evolves from being their child to being an adult.

Effective Parenting Training: 
Raising Well-Adjusted Children Without
Having a Breakdown.
Have kids, or want kids? Learn practical strategies for communication, compromise, discipline, and strategic use of praise.  Impart healthy coping strategies, and correct any mistakes your own parents might have made (even though we all know they were “perfect!”)

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Dr. Abby in front of a college audience. Dr. Abby speaks to college students about the science of weight management, “healthy junk food”,  diversity issues regarding size discrimination, and making peace with food and body image issues.

6 minutes of Dr. Abby with a large college audience

6 minutes of Dr. Abby with a small college audience

3 minutes of Dr. Abby with a small college audience

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