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Well Wishers
Awards 2005
WINNER! Benjamin Franklin Award for Independent Publishing
(Publishers Marketing Association)
Finalist - Best Books - USA Booknews.com
Semi-Finalist - Independent Publisher Book Awards
Honorable Mention - Do It Yourself (DIY) Book Festival
Read what others had to say about Your Final Diet

Martin Richards, Film Producer, "Chicago"
Dear Abby,
Congratulations on your book...it's wonderful. It's always so nice to be encouraged to love our bodies, whatever shape we're in. Love always works. And hate never does. I'm sure you will make a terrific 'Dr. Phil clone'...I have no doubt you will be successful with this.
All best,
Marty Richards
P.S. Thanks for the chocolate!

James M. Evans, Host
"Forever Young" on KCBQ 1170 AM (KCBQ.com)
San Diego, CA
A "Must Read" for Losing Weight
"As a 36-year veteran of the health and fitness industry, I was delighted to see this book. It is a down-to-earth, commonsense approach to losing weight without eliminating any of the essential food groups. It does not prohibit the consumption of your favorite foods but, rather, it stresses the inclusion of "healthy junk foods" in your diet. After all, taste counts! Is it any wonder that so many weight loss programs fail when they taste so bland!?!
This is a "must read" for anyone who has been struggling with weight.

Your Final Diet is, indeed, the last word in weight loss without all the gimmicks, without having to buy special foods, and without starving. "

Susan Lembo, Healthy Lifestyles, WDVR-FM "Interesting, informative and upbeat! She will inspire your listeners to believe they can make changes in their lives."
Bill Bailey, Host of "It's Your Health!" (A companion program to "It's Your Money!" on the National Radio Network)
"After reading Abby Aronowitz's book, "Your Final Diet", I tried it. I ate chocolate, planned my meals (and calories) by the week rather than day by day - everything Abby wrote about, and I lost weight! Now I recommend that you try it. You'll lose that unwanted fat and keep it off. Most important of all, you'll feel good about yourself."

Thomas A. Wadden, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania Health System, Weight and Eating Disorders Program. Professor of Psychiatry. "Thanks for the opportunity to review your book. It looks very thoughtful.
Congratulations...Good Luck."

Albert Stunkard, M.D. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Professor of Psychiatry.
"Thank you very much for your kind letter and for the copy of "Your Final Diet". I read it with great interest and wish you success with it."

Marion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H. Professor and Chair - Department of Nutrition, Food Studies & Public Health, New York University.
"Thanks for sending me Your Final Diet..... Congratulations! Wish you the best of success with it."

Neal D. Barnard, M.D. Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine
"Congratulations on your book! ...With warm regards..."

David Katz, Ph.D. Columnist for O Magazine, Professor at Yale, Author
I very much like the content and tone; I share your devotion to helping people stop beating themselves up.

Arnold Lazarus, Ph.D. World Renowned Psychologist/Author.
I think you are far ahead of the times...lets hope that somebody out there will sit up and take notice.

Betty Friedan, Founder of National Organization for Women, Author
It sounds like a very intelligent and necessary work.

Elaine K: Testimonial emailed to me after reading Your Final Diet: I am the kind of person who has been dieting my whole life and also overweight my whole life....just realizing that I am not restricted from any food....makes life a WHOLE LOT more easier... I am not obsessing about every meal anymore ... I realize I am eating less, but not by trying, just by eating what I enjoy and only what fills me up. This may sound silly, but I feel like I am already a thin person and that there is no need to fret about losing weight every single day.....which translates here that its like "a big burden has been lifted off my nerves", if you can understand what I mean. Its too bad your book is not "hyped" like some are, because it truly is the best book on losing weight I have ever read and I read them all. It does have the perfect title YOUR FINAL DIET.....that is exactly what it is for me. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH..

Reviewer for Benjamin Franklin Award for Independent Publishing, which Your Final Diet WON!
Your Final Diet is a perfect 10 in diet and personal perceptions that is well worth reading.